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Did You Know You Are Inhaling Dust Mites Droppings Every Night

Changing bedding’s alone does not get rid of dust mites as they breed inside the mattress. 

Why allow yourself and your children to sleep with dust mites every night ?

1. While asleep your body sheds its dead skin.

2. Moisture from the air and from your body
allows fungus to grow on the shedded skin which creates an appetising meal for dust mites.

3. Dust mites eat the “skin soup” of fungus and dead skin.

Life cycle of the
House Dust and Bed Mites

5. The Statically charged dust mites droppings become airbourne.

6. The droppings are inhaled which may lead to ASTHMA, RHINITIS and SINUSITIS.

4. Dust mites leave microscopic droppings which dry out

Magnified Dust Mite

This is a dust mite magnified more than a thousand times by a microscope. Invisible to the naked eye, millions of dust mites inhabit the average human mattress. Dust mites can only be removed by a high efficiency cleaning system equipped with a HEPA neutraliser.

Bed bug in mattress

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