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The sofa is perhaps the most defining furniture of the household living room. Next to your bed, it is mostly everyone’s personal choice lounging area being a good source of comfort. However, as we engage in daily contact by sitting and lying down, germs are directly transmitted onto your body from the sofa material. This can lead to irritation, skin inflammation, and give rise to allergies. Sofa care is a necessary part of house cleaning, not only for the preservation of your home’s comfort, but to maintain a healthy living space for the family.

Sofa cleaning can be a daunting task, but our dedicated team of experts are well equipped for the job. At CleanBeds, we bring out the best experience your furniture is designed to offer, and more!

Sofa Cleaning Services That Bring Freshness, Cleanliness, and a Renewed Sense of Comfort

We understand the central role your sofa plays in your home — a place of comfort, relaxation, and countless memories. Our professional sofa cleaning services in Singapore are designed to not only restore the cleanliness of your sofa but also enhance the overall hygiene and aesthetic appeal of your living space.

Choose to give your sofa the care it deserves and enhance your home’s overall appeal.

Tailored Sofa Cleaning Services at

Our range of sofa cleaning services in Singapore is designed to cater to various materials, ensuring a customised approach for each sofa in your home.

On-Site Deep Cleaning

Our on-site deep cleaning services bring the expertise of directly to your living space. This convenient option is ideal for routine maintenance and regular care. The process includes:
  • Thorough inspection to identify stains and cleaning requirements.
  • Dust and debris removal from the surface and crevices using dry vacuuming.
  • Stain treatment using effective and fabric-safe solutions.
  • Deep cleaning using advanced techniques such as shampooing and scrubbing for a revitalised appearance.
  • Optional steam cleaning for a comprehensive and sanitising effect.

Leather Sofa Cleaning

Leather sofas require special care to maintain their luxurious appearance and durability. specialises in expert leather sofa cleaning services, providing:

  • Gentle yet effective cleaning methods to preserve the integrity of the leather.
  • Stain treatment tailored to leather materials.
  • Conditioning to keep the leather soft, supple, and free from cracks.
  • Protectant application to guard against future stains and wear.

Why Opt for Professional Sofa Cleaning Services?

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1. Enhance Indoor Air Quality

Dust, allergens, and contaminants trapped in the sofa fabric can trigger allergies or respiratory issues. Professional sofa cleaning eliminates these pests, improving indoor air quality and contributing to a healthier environment.

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2. Remove Stubborn Spots or Stains

Visible stains or spots on your sofa fabric can be a clear indicator that it’s time for professional cleaning. Whether it’s spilt coffee, food stains, or pet accidents, professional cleaning services can restore your sofa’s original appearance.

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3. Extend Your Sofa’s Lifespan

Regular cleaning prevents the accumulation of dirt and debris that can lead to wear and tear. By preserving the integrity of the fabric, professional sofa cleaning services extend the lifespan of your furniture.

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4. Neutralise Odours

Persistent odours stemming from spills, pets, or general use can significantly affect the ambience of your home. Professional sofa cleaning services include specialised odour neutralisation techniques that will leave your sofa smelling fresh and inviting.

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5. Revitalise Dull or Discoloured Fabric

If your sofa fabric appears dull, discoloured, or lacks the vibrancy it once had, professional sofa cleaning services can restore the colour and improve the overall aesthetics of your sofa.

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6. Peace of Mind and Comfort

Knowing that your sofa is thoroughly cleaned provides peace of mind, fostering a clean and comfortable space for relaxation, entertainment, and daily activities.

Your Guide to Engaging Our Sofa Cleaning Services

At, we’ve made the process of scheduling sofa cleaning services as simple and convenient as possible. Follow these easy steps to engage us for a thorough sofa cleaning experience:

1. Contact Us

Have questions or need further clarification? Feel free to get in touch with us! You can use the contact form on our website, email us at, or call our dedicated customer service line at +65 6749 1000.

2. Request a Quote

If you're ready to proceed, request a quote by providing details about your sofa cleaning needs. We'll promptly assess the information and provide you with a transparent and competitive pricing estimate.

3. Schedule an Appointment

Once you've received your quote and are satisfied with the terms, schedule a convenient appointment for the sofa cleaning service. Our team is flexible and works to accommodate your preferred timing.

Things Lurking In Your Sofa

Dust Particles
Bed Bug

Your Sofa Isn't As Clean As You Think

When it comes to house cleaning, we spend hours disinfecting the lavatory, wiping down the oil-stained kitchen, vacuuming the floors, and replacing fabric covers around the house, in our efforts of keeping our houses clean. Based on our lived-in experiences, we tend to be more scrupulous towards obvious areas of contamination. The sofa is a crucial piece of furniture in your home yet often overlooked in the cleaning process. Aside the common treatment of hand dusting and wet cloths for dealing with spills, most people never think to give their sofa a wash throughout its entire lifetime!

Trapped Dust

Most of us are keen with the dust underneath the couch, what about the dust inside the couch? Dust is ubiquitous in your home, but especially within soft furnishings where dust can store layers deep. As an example, you can give your sofa cushions a pat. Look out for a release of dust puffs, indicating how deep the contamination is. Vacuuming helps get rid of surface layer dust and debris but it won't be able to extract dust that has been trapped deep inside.


Your sofa is exposed to the same amount sweat as the clothes you wear when you sit on it. This can be seen printed on the cushions as cakes of dirt. Over time, the mixture of bacteria and body fluid will produce an undesirable odor on the sofa, which can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Pest Infestation

Infestations are troublesome in Singapore's hot climate, especially in a household with pets. Plenty of bugs, pests, and insects can make a home in your sofa for the shade and resource they provide. Mites, fleas, and species of lice are known to hide in the seams of upholstered furniture. But perhaps the worst kind of infestation are bed bugs. Pests leave wastes that appear as black or brown spots on your couch which cause irritation and trigger allergies in some people.

How often should you clean your sofa?

Generally, regular sofa vacuuming should be included during house cleaning. A sofa in good condition sees a longer lifespan while having its appearance preserved.

A number factors can affect when you should have your sofa deep cleaned, among them are frequency usage, daily habits, and the presence of small children, pets, and allergy prone and asthmatic household members. The general practice for professional sofa cleaning should occur every 12 to 18 months.

In the case of infectious individuals present in your home, deep cleaning should be performed frequently as 4 to 8 months. As one of the most tactile furniture in your home, bacterial and viral diseases can easily embed themselves in your sofa. Cleaning and disinfection is an important step in preventing infectious diseases from spreading to your loved ones.

Our Sofa Cleaning Services

Water Extraction
Water solvent and solution-based deep cleaning method for fabric material. Catches 99% of dirt as it freshens up the sofa. Effective deep cleaning solution that goes all the way to the deepest layer.
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Steam Cleaning
Steam cleaning solution for removing dirt build up and stains on upholstered furniture. The high temperature of the water helps penetrate through the fabric and kills bacteria and dust mites.
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Benefits Of Our Deep Cleaning Sofa And Upholstery Services

How are sofas cleaned At CleanBeds?

With the best treatment you that you deserve

Certified Product

Our team of experts is guaranteed to satisfy your needs using one of the best and recognized cleaning machines in Singapore, and worldwide!

Safe and Eco Friendly

Unlike other cleaning solutions, we do not use chemicals for cleaning. Our powerful machines not only cleans but sanitizes the air in the room as well!

Care and Maintenance

Your home becomes vulnerable without proper TLC. We provide servicing all year at your own pace. Just give us a call!

FAQs about Sofa Cleaning Services

Professional sofa cleaning ensures a deep and thorough clean, removing embedded dirt, allergens, and stains effectively. DIY methods may not achieve the same level of cleanliness and can risk damage to the sofa fabric.

The frequency of professional sofa cleaning services depends on factors such as usage, lifestyle, and the presence of pets or children. As a general guideline, scheduling a cleaning at least once a year helps maintain a clean and healthy sofa.

Yes, specialises in cleaning various sofa fabrics, including fabric, leather, suede, and blends. Our fabric-specific care ensures that each sofa receives the appropriate cleaning treatment.

The duration of the sofa cleaning process depends on factors such as the size of the sofa, the extent of cleaning required, and drying time. Our team works efficiently to minimise disruption – get in touch with us and we will provide estimates based on your specific needs.

Before the sofa cleaning service, it’s helpful to remove personal items from the sofa, such as pillows and throws. Our team will take care of the rest, including moving light furniture if necessary.