Cleaning Baby Mattress

Providing a clean and safe environment is an essential task for parents with infants. Newborn infants and babies are more susceptible to infections because of their developing immune system. As they spend the most time sleeping, it is required to give their cot mattresses proper sanitation.

CleanBeds is one of the top services provider for mattress cleaning in Singapore. Our professional cleaning services handles mattresses of all sizes, including cot mattresses for babies. At CleanBeds, we prioritize health and welfare on top of a very affordable price. Get started creating a healthier home with CleanBeds!

What is Lurking in Your Baby's Mattress?

Dust Particles
Dust Mite

Why Is It Important to Clean Your Baby Mattress?

Getting your growing infant their scheduled sleep within the day can be challenging, especially without a comfortable and hygienic crib. Wet mattresses resulting from accidents not only compromise comfort but also contribute to poor hygiene and potential infections in infants. Given that children are prone to accidents, baby mattresses tend to become dirty much faster, which requires regular cleaning and maintenance for optimal hygiene and comfort.

Common Health Concerns of an Unclean Mattress

  • Allergies
  • Rashes
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Infections
  • Asthma

How often should I get my baby's mattress cleaned?

It is important to remember that every baby is different, as well as the habits of the caretaker. Feeding messes, diaper leaks, and vomit shorten the time between mattress cleaning. Mattress cleaning reduces the risks of infections in the child and helps them recover from rashes quickly. If your baby is sick, you will need to increase the cleaning frequency and perform a thorough sanitation afterwards.

Regular Infants
Every Month
Accident Prone Infants
Infants with Illness
Every Week

How are Mattresses cleaned At CleanBeds?

With the best treatment you that you deserve

Certified Product

Our team of experts is guaranteed to satisfy your needs using one of the best and recognized cleaning machines in Singapore, and worldwide!

Safe and Eco Friendly

Unlike other cleaning solutions, we do not use chemicals for cleaning. Our powerful machines not only cleans but sanitizes the air in the room as well!

Care and Maintenance

Your home becomes vulnerable without proper TLC. We provide servicing all year at your own pace. Just give us a call!

Frequently Asked Questions

CleanBeds offer affordable fixed prices for mattress cleaning services for all mattress sizes. First mattress cleaning costs $80, and $20 for all subsequent cleanings.

It may vary depending on the extent of soiling and cleaning solution employed. Our services usually lasts between 30 to 40 minutes. But our dedicated experts will not leave until the mattress is properly cleaned and dried.

Yes, our cleaning solutions specialize in disinfecting and sanitizing bed mattresses from microbes that cause odor.

Our mattress cleaning services covers the topper of the mattress only. However, our deep cleaning machines are the latest in the market, with the capacity to penetrate 4 times the thickness of a bed mattress.

Drying period depends on the cleaning method. When it comes to steam cleaning, your bed mattress may require a short drying period. On the other hand, water extraction is fast and has no down time.

They are perfectly safe for pets, children, and the elderly. Our eco-friendly and non-chemical solutions are designed for general house cleaning to create a lasting healthy environment in your home.

CleanBeds uses the latest model of the Rainbow Cleaning System machine for deep cleaning mattresses and more.