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Cleaning Services – Approach

In our cleaning process, we inject dry foam into the carpet, leave it there for a period of time, waiting for all the dirt and grease to crystallize. Once its all crystallized, we use a high powered vacuum to clean up all the residue, leaving the carpet almost dry and ready to walk on in less than 2 hours. The carpet will then feel brand new with Carpet !

Cleaning Service – Exprience

With more than six years of experience in state-of-the-art Singapore carpet cleaning, Cleanbeds Singapore is well positioned to provide you with the best qualitative cleaning services Singapore available.

Carpet cleaning services Singapore – Professional

At Cleanbeds Singapore, we also know that every cleaning situation is unique. That’s why we begin our qualitative cleaning service with a complete analysis of your carpet before using our highly-effective cleaning methods to remove ground-in dirt and debris that may or may not be visible to the naked eye.

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Singapore Carpet Cleaning In Singapore

Carpet Shampooing

Carpeting shampooing can be used by the majority of the professional carpet cleaners. In this method, a foamy chemical substance is definitely spread all over the carpeting and after that cleansed up and scrubbed with a humidified round brush. This can be a method that is certainly greatest suited for a floor covering that is usually low piled and soiled heavily. There is no process of extraction included with this cleaning services. In order to remove all the dirt, the carpeting gets thoroughly vaccumed by the cleaners.
cleaning a carpeting Additional than the above mentioned strategies right now there are some even more useful procedures that are used for cleaning a carpeting. Its better to appoint a professional carpet cleaner who could lead and help you out with the greatest washing choice.

Dry Washing Of The Carpeting

In this Carpet cleaning technique no water is required. A professional simply sprays a little little bit of a specific kind of compound over the area of a carpet, and then a mechanized brush is used throughout the whole carpeting that helps to melt the soil and dust within a quick time. All of the the dirt get soaked by a business vaccum-cleaner then. Carpets and rugs get more dried up in this method quickly.

Steam Cleaning

It is also called as hot-water extraction. Carpet cleaning in Singapore, firstly the water is heated at a high temperature and injected with whole pressure into the carpet then. All of the the dirt and dirt loosens up as a total end result. It can be after that that the cleaning machine can be used to pull the wetness and remove all dirt apart. In some full cases, application of detergent along with hot water may be required for cleaning an excessive soiled carpet. Steam cleaning removes odour, dust mites and kills bacteria.


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