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Unwanted Guest

No one likes to think they might be sharing their bed with unwanted guests. But dust mites live in everyone’s mattresses, causing problems related to asthma, eczema and skin allergies.

Good Night Sleep

We spend 8 hours on our bed every night. Get a good night’s sleep with Cleanbeds with our professional mattress cleaning service at affordable rates in singapore. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Excellent Breeding Ground

When we sleep, we lose skin cells and perspiration which collect in our mattresses, creating an ideal breeding ground for dust mites to grow and multiply.

Hygienic, Effective, Affordable

Cleanbeds Singapore offers a hygienic, effective and affordable professional mattress cleaning services. We will carefully clean and sanitise your mattresses, protecting your home from dust mites and giving you the peace of mind you need for a really great night’s sleep.

Why Choose

When searching for mattress cleaning services, you must make sure that the company you are calling is highly reliable to protect your bed and the money you spent to buy it. You can start your search online. You should check out It offers hygienic, effective, affordable and professional mattress cleaning service to offer you peace of mind as you sleep and to assure you of everyone’s good health.

Mattress Cleaning
Service in Singapore

Our specialist award-winning mattress cleaning services are completely chemical free, providing exceptional results for extremely competitive prices. 

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Our Approach

Using high performance mattress cleaning technology designed and manufactured in USA, we are able to clean the mattress effectively and efficiently

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Award Winning Services

Our specialist award-winning professional mattress cleaning services are completely chemical free, providing exceptional results for extremely competitive prices.

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Great Affordable Pricing

Using high performance mattress cleaning technology designed and manufactured in USA, we are able to clean the mattress effectively and efficientlyFrom as little as $70

Hidden Hazards Within Your Bed

Health Risks Posed By Your Mattress

Dust Particles
Bed Bug

Why Do Dust Mites Live On Our Mattresses?

Dust mites are microscopic arachnids that feed on the dead skin cells shed by humans.

As humans shed skin cells while sleeping, these cells accumulate in bedding, including mattresses, providing a rich food supply for dust mites.

Dust mites are attracted to environments with high humidity and warmth.

Mattresses can absorb moisture from the air and the body during sleep, creating a suitable environment for dust mites to live and reproduce.

Mattresses are often dark and lack proper ventilation. Dust mites prefer such environments because they are shielded from sunlight, which can be detrimental to their survival.

Keep Your Sleep Environment Safe With Cleanbed

Reasons why you should get bed mattress cleaning services

Your bed is dust mites’ so-called haven because it gives them what they need: humidity, warmth, and food. Because they have no natural enemies, they reproduce every three weeks. Because of this, your mattress can be harboring over a million dust mites without you knowing it. Mite-proofing is the best; more important, have it regularly cleaned by mattress cleaning service Singapore to prevent the family from suffering from headaches, allergies, and respiratory diseases.

Only professional mattress cleaning service can perform a deep cleaning to eradicate pests and to avoid problems that they cause. In only one treatment, 95% of dust mites, including their waste material, can be removed using the most recent technology in mattress cleaning. When maintained by mattress cleaning services Singapore, you can also be sure that your bed will be free from odors and stains caused by chemicals or organic soiling.

You prepare the healthiest meal possible for your family each day. You wash their clothes and clean the entire home every day to promote cleanliness and health and wellness in your home. However, when you forget to call for mattress cleaning service on a regular basis, your efforts can be compromised as you allow bacteria, dust mites, and fungal spores to affect their health.

The quality of the air you breathe in, particularly from inside the bedroom, is also hit by a filthy bed that is contaminated by dust mites, pollen, bacteria, mildew and others. Just think of the sweat and oil you put in your bed each night you sleep on it, so it’s not surprising that it already requires mattress cleaning services. With each of your household members sleeping in a clean bed, you can be assured of fresh air inside the bedroom.

Professional mattress cleaning also performs professional steam cleaning for utmost protection of everyone’s health as it removes tough mattress stains and helps avoid allergy triggers. If you clean it yourself, you may cause moisture to your bed, and this will enable the growth of mold and mildew, which are not good for the health.

Quick Facts

Dust mites are the infamous micro organisms that commonly cause asthma and other allergic symptoms like rhinitis, eczema worldwide. They thrive in the mattress, feeding on human’s skin flakes and leaving behind heaps of “poop” and skin particles.

Do You Know

When you change your bedding and add freshly laundered sheets to your mattress, you probably look forward to sleeping in a nice, clean bed. But if you do not regularly clean your mattress, you will be sharing your night with a whole host of dust mites and

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Doctors recommend using a High Efficiency Cleaning Device equipped with a HEPA Filtration System for your mattresses. Such devices often cost thousands of dollars! 

Leave it to the professionals and Call us today to get your mattresses sanitized!!

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For as little as $80, your mattress will be thoroughly cleaned, eliminating not only dust mites but bacteria, perspiration, dirt, dust and micro-organisms.

FAQs about Bed Mattress Cleaning Services Singapore

It is recommended to have your mattress professionally cleaned at least once a year to maintain a clean and healthy sleeping environment.

While many stains can be effectively removed, the success depends on the type and age of the stain. It’s best to address stains as soon as possible for optimal results.

Yes, we only use safe and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are designed to be gentle on both your mattress and your health.

No, our cleaning process can be conducted without moving your mattress. 

Yes, our cleaners are trained to work with various mattress materials and our cleaning service is suitable for all types of mattresses too, including memory foam, latex, and innerspring mattresses.