Cleanbed’s Award Winning Cleaning Service

By pulverising and thoroughly extracting decomposed dead skin flakes and dust embedded in the mattress using high performance mattress cleaning technology designed and manufactured in USA, we are able to do the exact same thing, only thousands of times more efficiently!

With the fast-moving society we are living in now, the traditional cleaning method can now be replaced with our more efficient and convenient solution – Cleanbed’s Award Winning Professional Mattress Cleaning and Sanitising Service!

Dust mites are the infamous micro organisms that commonly cause asthma and other allergic symptoms like rhinitis, eczema worldwide. They thrive in the mattress, feeding on human’s skin flakes and leaving behind heaps of “poop” and skin particles. About 2 million dust mites can be found in a regular double sized mattress that has been used for 2 years.

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The Results


This 100% Dry cleaning process is convenient because the mattress can be used immediately after the treatment. As No Chemicals are used, you can sleep on your mattress immediately after sanitizing!!
It is recommended to service the mattress for at least 12 times a year, to maintain an acceptable mattress hygiene standa
  • Original Equipment

    We use the ORIGINAL mattress cleaning and sanitising equipment designed & patented in USA.

  • Trusted By Millions

    Used in more than 32 countries, with more than a million users worldwide. Be Our Next Customer.

  • Featured On Media

    Featured on TV Channels internationally for its effective results in cleaning and sanitising mattresses.

  • AHAM Certified.

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