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Mattress Cleaning Services

Mattress Cleaning Services

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How Many Dust Mites Are You Sleeping With Every Night?

Mattress Cleaning Services Singapore

Unwanted Guest

No one likes to think they might be sharing their bed with unwanted guests. But dust mites live in everyone's mattresses, causing problems related to asthma, eczema and skin allergies.

Excellent Breeding Ground

When we sleep, we lose skin cells and perspiration which collect in our mattresses, creating an ideal breeding ground for dust mites to grow and multiply.

Good Night Sleep

We spend 8 hours on our bed every night. Get a good night’s sleep with Cleanbeds with our professional mattress cleaning service at affordable rates in singapore. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mattress Cleaning Singapore

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    Hygienic | Effective | Affordable

    Cleanbeds Singapore offers a hygienic, effective and affordable professional mattress cleaning services. We will carefully clean and sanitise your mattresses, protecting your home from dust mites and giving you the peace of mind you need for a really great night’s sleep.

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    100% Money Back Guarante

    And we are so confident you will be happy with our services that we offer a 100% full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our mattress cleaning services singapore for whatever reason.


Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

Our specialist award-winning mattress cleaning services are completely chemical free,
providing exceptional results for extremely competitive prices

Our Approach

Using high performance mattress cleaning technology designed and manufactured in USA, we are able to clean the mattress effectively and efficiently

Quick Facts

Dust mites are the infamous micro organisms that commonly cause asthma and other allergic symptoms like rhinitis, eczema worldwide. They thrive in the mattress, feeding on human’s skin flakes and leaving behind heaps of “poop” and skin particles.

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Award Winning Services

Our specialist award-winning professional mattress cleaning services are completely chemical free, providing exceptional results for extremely competitive prices.

Do You Know

When you change your bedding and add freshly laundered sheets to your mattress, you probably look forward to sleeping in a nice, clean bed. But if you do not regularly clean your mattress, you will be sharing your night with a whole host of dust mites and other micro-organisms as well as dirt and bacteria.

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Great Affordable Pricing

From as little as $80, your mattress will be thoroughly cleaned, eliminating not only dust mites but bacteria, perspiration, dirt, dust and micro-organisms.

Certifiled & Trusted

Doctors recommend using a High Efficiency Cleaning Device equipped with a HEPA Filtration System for your mattresses. Such devices often cost thousands of dollars!

Leave it to the professionals and Call us today to get your mattresses sanitized!!

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Mattress Cleaning Services

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